Game Access Conference 2023 Talk

I had the pleasure to speak at the Game Access 2023 conference in Brno, Czech Republic. My talk was about the inner workings of the Rovio audio team, and how we approach game audio development as a central team. Here you can find a summary of the talk: This talk is about how we at … Read more

Hawken Reborn Is Released

Hawken Reborn was recently released to early access after a long waiting!  I worked as lead sound designer in the project for about a year during early to mid development on this sequel the Hawken. I was responsible of finding the sonic tone and direction of the game, creating sound content, implementing sound using Wwise … Read more

Conceptual Design Methods for Game Sound

Read my master (MA) thesis here. I wrote this work when I was graduating from Aalto University, Sound in New Media program in 2016. Here’s the abstract: Existing game audio literature covers a plentitude of topics including practical areas such as production techniques, as well as theoretical areas such as terminology and taxonomy. However, these … Read more

Angry Birds: Journey is Released

The latest game we’ve been working on hard at #Rovio for a while is finally released! Check out #AngryBirdsJourney I was the lead audio designer in this project (still am at the time of writing, since it’s a live-ops project), andI’m especially proud of the soundtrack. Have a listen here #gameaudio #gamemusic #angrybirds … Read more

CrossfireX is Released

CrossfireX was recently released after a long waiting! I was lucky enough to work on Operation Catalyst single-player campaign, and I learned a great deal while working on it with the amazing sound team at Remedy. I was responsible for designing and implementing environmental sounds, as well as some of the in-game cutscene sounds, Foley … Read more

Darkfire Heroes – NYX 2021 Audio Awards

We won the gold prize in best game audio and music categories in NYX 2021 Game Awards as the Rovio audio team! The game also won several audiovisual awards in best game trailer categories. Darkfire Heroes is a real-time, single/multi-player hero-squad-based RPG set in a fantasy world in peril.

GameSoundCon 2021 Contributions

I had the pleasure to give not only one but two talks together with my colleagues Pasi Pitk√§nen and Toivo Kallio at GameSoundCon 2021, my favorite game audio conference! Here are the titles of the talks: “Darkfire Heroes: Behind the Scenes of Sound Design for an RPG”“Darkfire Heroes: Behind the Scenes of Fantasy Creature Voice … Read more

How to Learn Finnish and Prepare for YKI

How to Learn Finnish and Prepare for YKI Finnish is a notoriously difficult language to learn. Ask any expat and they will not tell you otherwise. As an expat myself who’s been living in Finland for several years I’ve gotten by just fine with English (I don’t have to use Finnish at work), and it … Read more

Downward Spiral: Horus Station – ASFX Article

Downward Spiral: Horus Station by 3rd Eye Studios takes place in an abandoned space craft – and its atmospheric sound was created by a small team in a very short timeframe. Read the key insights and lessons learned on how to make a great-sounding game with minimal resources: Designing the Desolate Sounds of Horus Station: … Read more