Conceptual Design Methods for Game Sound

Read my master (MA) thesis here. I wrote this work when I was graduating from Aalto University, Sound in New Media program in 2016. Here’s the abstract:

Existing game audio literature covers a plentitude of topics including practical areas such as production techniques, as well as theoretical areas such as terminology and taxonomy. However, these studies can still be considered somewhat limited in quantity and variety, since games are an academically young field, and game audio is even a smaller niche. In response to this scarcity, this study aims to provide a contribution to game audio studies, specifically aiming at exploring the sound effect design and production methods from the point of view of the sound designer. Most studies in similar vein either focus on directly hands on practices or solely theoretical aspects of game sound. Correspondingly, this thesis focuses on filling the gap between theory and practice by establishing a theoretical framework and numerous conceptual models that can be pragmatically applied in game sound design. The conclusions of the study are constructed and exemplified based on references to the existing literature and resources, numerous published video games, and various practical methods the author has applied in his own game projects. Ultimately, the thesis aims to provide a guideline that can help in creating a game soundtrack that is both narratively and ludologically cohesive, and that has contextual integrity regarding all the other game modalities.

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