I was born under a warm sun, next to a blue sea in Turkey, when thrash metal was big. I grew up playing drums, table-top RPG’s and tons of video games. Several branching storylines later, I’ve been lucky enough to mold two of my biggest passions into a career in Finland, which I came to call home.

In 2012, I received an Audio Engineering Degree from SAE Istanbul, and In 2016, completed my MA studies in sound design and wrote a thesis about game audio (Aalto University). I ran my own game audio company for several years, until I joined Rovio in Summer 2019, where I currently work as a senior sound designer.

About my most likely confusing name, no, it’s not a clever alias; it’s just a common Turkish name. It comes from Persian and means “soul” or “life.” It’s pronounced ʤɑn (uzɛɾ), or simply ‘John’.


My skills reside at a balanced intersection between audio production, game tech and project management, supported by a firm grasp of game design, film, storytelling, arts and literature.

Sound design
Audio implementation
Recording arts
Music production
Project management
Game design
Game QA


MA in Sound in New Media, Aalto Uni.
Minor in Game Design, Aalto Uni.
Diploma in Audio Engineering, SAE Inst.
BA in Archeology, Ege Uni.