Game Access Conference 2023 Talk

I had the pleasure to speak at the Game Access 2023 conference in Brno, Czech Republic.

My talk was about the inner workings of the Rovio audio team, and how we approach game audio development as a central team. Here you can find a summary of the talk:

This talk is about how we at Rovio audio team approach game audio production, development and design as a central team, catering to multiple mobile game studios and projects. Participants can expect to learn tips on how to handle a large number of projects and overlapping schedules efficiently while aiming for world-class content quality. Topics on solving specific challenges in live-ops audio development will also be mentioned. 

The presentation will dive into several topics, such as:

  • Types of projects we handle and challenges we face
  • Structure of the audio team
  • Production approaches and tools
  • Tech pipeline and approaches
  • Design strategies
  • Challenges and privileges of mobile game audio

Some supplementary areas of audio work will also be touched upon:

  • Branding, marketing, licensing and monetization
  • UX, analytics and accessibility
  • Creating, fostering and promoting an audio culture within the team, the company, and for audiences

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