I was born under a warm sun, next to a blue sea in Turkey, when trash metal was big. I grew up playing drums, table-top RPG and tons of video games. After a rather long detour called twenties, I’ve been lucky enough to mold two of my biggest passions into a career north of the wall which I came to call home.

In 2012, I received an Audio Engineering Degree from SAE Istanbul, and In 2016, completed my MA studies in sound design (Aalto University). I ran my own game audio company for several years until starting to working in-house at Rovio in August 2019.

About my most likely confusing name, no, it’s not a clever alias; it’s just a common Turkish name. It comes from Persian and means “soul” or “life.” It’s pronounced ʤɑn (uzɛɾ), or simply ‘John’.


Sound design
Audio implementation
Recording arts
Music production
Game design
Game QA


MA in Sound in New Media, Aalto Uni.
Minor in Game Design, Aalto Uni.
Diploma in Audio Engineering, SAE Inst.
BA in Archeology, Ege Uni.



Tilki Studios – Debut indie mobile game cooking in stealth mode. Co-founder, co-designer, audio cook.

Sugar Blast | Mobile game. Rovio. Lead sound designer.

DR Studios – Unannounced console title – Lead audio designer.

Downward Spiral: Horus Station | VR-optional FPS. PC/PS4. 3rd Eye Studios. Lead sound design.

CrossFire HD: Operation Frost | FPS. Remedy. Sound design and implementation (in close-beta).

ValoClimb | Several mixed-reality bouldering games. Valo Motion. Sound design, music supervising, voice production.

ValoJump | Several mixed-reality trampoline games. Valo Motion. Sound design, music supervising.

Tiles & Tales | Mobile game. Kuuhubb. Lead sound designer (to be released).

Puzzle Combat | Mobile game. Small Giant Games. Provided sound effects.

Empires & Puzzles | Mobile game. Small Giant Games. Additional sound design (Xmas and Halloween 2018 updates).

Downward Spiral: Prologue | VR FPS. PC. 3rd Eye Studios. Sound design, implementation.

Dungeon Tails | Rogue-like RPG. Mobile. Timbermint. Sound design.

Spin a Zoo | Mobile strategy game. Full Fat Games. Provided sound effects.

Blocky Pirates | Mobile platformer. Full Fat Games. Provided sound effects.

Blocky Baseball | Mobile sports game. Full Fat Games. Provided sound effects.

Ruby+ Blob | A game about computational thinking for kids. Hello Ruby. Sound, music (to be released).

Happy Animals | Audiovisual stimulation game for toddlers. Onni & Ilona. Sound design.

Darkroom Mansion | Mobile puzzle game for kids. Finnish Museum of Photography. Sound, music, voice.

Build Away | Mobile strategy game. Futureplay. QA testing.

Solid Soccer | Mobile soccer game. Raketspel. QA testing.


Ote/Points of View | Audiovisual exhibition, EMMA Museum. Sound design, programming.

Swarm | Sound installation, Bzzz Sound Art Festival. Sound design, programming.

Visible Climate | Documentary, 2015. Production and post-production sound.

The Last Romantic Couple | Finnish feature-length drama. Foley.

Gone: The Other and the Unknown | Swedish/Turkish feature-length drama. Production sound.

Pinchpenny Mouse | Book app for kids. Voice production.

Fragments | EP by Let It Flow. Sound engineering, songwriting, drumming.


SAE Institute Istanbul. Assistant lecturer in audio engineering. 2012-2013.

“Virtual Reality Filmmaking Workshop Helsinki.” Tutoring for Cinematic VR Audio. 2016.

“Sound Matters: How Sound Can Affect your Game.” Assembly Summer 2015.