Reel – Darkfire Heroes

Darkfire Heroes – Senior Sound Designer
Sound/music implementation (Wwise), audio tech development (Unity), sound/voice design for a mobile RPG.
Won best audio and music awards in NYX 2021.

The game contains an enourmous amount of variety in fantasy characters and actions, such as spells and skills, stretched over several distinct chapters with custom sound and music. The challenge was to control the hectic gameplay to reduce clutter and make the most important sounds audible at any given time, while implementing scalable content under heavy memory limitations. Other challenges we tackled were supporting 2x game speed mode, as well as split-screen multiplayer feature.

I was resposible for technical sound design, including developing scalable implementation tools and workflows. I was also in charge of designing a substantial amount of the sound effects and character vocalizations.

A detailed breakdown of the project was presented at GameSoundCon 2021.

Gameplay capture and SFX demo.
Co-designed characters sounds, voices and spells. Implementation, tools design, mixing.