Reel – CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst

CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst – Sound Designer
Design and implementation of environmental sounds, enemy walla, Foley, melee weapons and other systems, in-game cinematics for a singleplayer FPS by Remedy. Wwise and in-house engine.

I designed and implemented almost all of the environments and ambiences, including scripted level triggers and reverb zones. I was also responsible for a substantial amount of the in-game cinematics and character animations. I edited the character Foley, and also worked on some systems such as bullet impacts, melee attacks and grenades.

Long gameplay capture.

Country House level. Indoors ambience and Foley detail.

Apartments level. Examples of level triggers and NPC walla.

Processing Building level. Indoor ambience and environmental details.

Comms Tower level. Heavily scripted scene, including a cutscene and some subjective ambience.

Hotel level. An in-game cutscene example.